15 Creative Uses for Your Old Business Cards

Posted by Alyssa Gregory On March - 26 - 2009

So, two years ago you ordered a box of 500 business cards, but as a virtual assistant, most of your work is done at home. You don’t have a lot of regular opportunities to hand them out, and you end up needing to update them before you’ve used them all. Of course, you can just recycle them, but first, consider these 15 creative ways to use those old business cards:

  1. Use them as bookmarks
  2. Leave short notes for family members
  3. Create new ones
  4. Use them for crafts
  5. Build a card castle
  6. Fold them in half and use as a money clip
  7. Use them to level a wobbly desk
  8. Shred them to make confetti
  9. Wallpaper your office (maybe a stretch, but still…)
  10. Make cubes (this is COOL!)
  11. Use them as name labels for books
  12. Tape them together to make a drawer liner
  13. Use them to clean tiny cervices (like the space next to the oven, in between the keys of your keyboard, around the bathroom sink, in between tiles…you get the idea)
  14. Use them to get organized
  15. Give some to the kids (trust me, this provides at least 20 minutes of entertainment and gets rid of about 30 cards at a time…more if you have a kid that eats paper.)

What do you do with your old business cards?

Written by Alyssa Gregory
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  1. Katie says:

    Alyssa, perfect solution for the gritty areas in my car that can’t be vacuumed out per tip #13.

    Truth be told, the cards I have now are about 5 years old but I love them and can’t bear to part with them even though I know they need updating. I might use tip #3 to get more mileage out of them even though, as you remarked, we VAs don’t have that many occasions for handing them out.

    I tweeted your article.

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  3. health says:

    this is genious

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  5. Schedule says:

    Maybe you could change the post title 15 Creative Uses for Your Old Business Cards | to something more better for your subject you make. I loved the post nevertheless.

  6. Deepak Gupta says:

    #15 is the best, but my kid is older now and wants her own cards.

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